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COES Professional Program & Prebusiness Program

The prebusiness cocurricular program at Holy Cross provides the foundation for students to become effective business leaders. Students participate in workshops ranging from marketing to finance to entrepreneurship, gain hands-on experience through internships and projects, and learn from alumni who are successful business leaders in a broad range of industries. Prebusiness helps students articulate their value proposition by connecting the skills developed from their Jesuit, liberal arts education with the business knowledge gained from the various workshops. 

Offered through the Ciocca Office of Entrepreneurial Studies (COES), the structured COES Professional Certificate Program complements a Holy Cross liberal arts education by offering workshops and advising that enable students to connect their education and experience to the marketplace. The COES Business Workshops, including an introduction to business and a number of alumni-led, industry specific workshops, combine with internship experience, recommended courses, student club involvement and a series of advanced Excel tutorials to provide a broad preparation for business success. COES also offers opportunities for female students to connect with alumnae who are proven leaders and innovators at the top of their business careers at the annual fall Women in Business Conference. 


The COES Professional Program consists of five milestones:

1 - COES Business Workshops  

Beginning with the Fullbridge Professional Edge (LINK), a weeklong immersion in which students work in teams to tackle real-world projects, students explore areas of business through four in-depth workshops ranging from finance to advertising to entrepreneurship.

2 - Excel Tutorial Series

Students learn advanced Excel skills in this tutorial series, equipping them to utilize the application for analysis and communication. In the tutorials, they discover the power of pivot tables, explore Excel’s most useful functions and simplify data analysis with tools and charts.

3 - Internship

Internships provide real business world experience in an industry specific to one’s career goals. Holy Cross’ Summer Internship Program (LINK) (SIP) provides opportunities for more than 300 students in areas such as advertising, technology, finance and publishing in addition to other fields in New York, Boston, and other major metropolitan areas. In addition to SIP, the Career Planning Center (LINK) provides students with access to thousands of other internships offered nationwide.

4 - Recommended HC Courses

Students must complete three courses from a list of recommended Holy Cross courses to develop depth and breadth of knowledge and skills important to a career in business. An advisor will help students choose the appropriate courses depending on his or her career interests. Courses range from economics, statistics and accounting to creative writing, rhetoric and Latin American politics.

5 – COES Club Participation

Students in the program participate in one of four COES clubs with areas of focus in entrepreneurship, sales, marketing communications or finance to pursue their interests and take advantage of valuable networking opportunities with students and alumni.